Meeting expectations of Citizens

Via Accessible, Secure and Responsive Services


Federal, state or local government agencies, law enforcement organizations or educational institutions consider cybersecurity a big challenge as well as an obstacle to long-awaited digital transformation. They remain under pressure of supporting huge user populations and managing ever-mounting volume of sensitive data. PlusAuth directly addresses challenges for these institutions by its identity and access management capabilities streamlining leveled citizen access to digital sources, and enabling them to deliver speedy, simple, and secure digital services, whether centralized or distributed, remove citizen identity fragmentation throughout existing applications, and reduce costs for deploying new services.

Safeguard Workforce and Citizen Data

While Staying Transparent

Delivering services to citizens and businesses transparently while still maintaining a secure channel for transactions requires the tools, policies and systems that allow management, monitoring and securing access to protected resources. On the technological side, the core infrastructure must be secured to ensure protect the identity and data of citizens, businesses and services as well as the identity and data of the agency workforce to prevent breaches by both internal and external actors. The PlusAuth IAM suite eases the challenge of protecting the identities and data of a wide range of users at rest and in transit, securing privileged accounts and properly managing access to resources for all types of users without impacting usability, but increasing security and service quality. The central identity and access management reduces the complexity and cost of safeguarding user credentials and access, and enables workers to be more productive while staying secure.

Accelerate Delivery of Public Services

With Cost Saving Features

Integrating a new identity and access management solution to the existing systems or the new ones may be very costly in time and money. This solution should not also stand as a barrier in executing the organization’s scalability strategies. Therefore, the right technology must provide scalable secure platform for reduced development, integration, deployment and maintenance cost. Developer-centric and high scalable nature of PlusAuth empowers IT Teams to easily and rapidly integrate authentication and authorization functionalities across existing applications or new ones developed in-house or by trusted partners. Your public agency can get the most out of the PlusAuth IAM capabilities to create public value and mitigate risks related to the quality of public service delivery, public sector efficiency, public trust, and multi-level and multi-actor governance.

Build Public Trust

Via Strong Security and Privacy Framework

Public trust is at the core of the digital transformation of the public sector, both as a driver and an effect of such a transformation. However, missteps in handling citizen data can erode trust in government and decrease the value of the system, threatening revenues and the efficiency gains derived from personal data applications. At the heart of the solutions to mitigate these risks lies establishment of authentication and service delivery systems that use a minimal amount of contextualized data to protect user privacy, and giving citizens more oversight over how their data is viewed and accessed. PlusAuth’s modern IAM platform can help improve the effectiveness of digital technologies for delivering public value and strengthening citizens’ trust while maintaining compliance.

Bring IoT into the Mainstream

To Better Interact Citizens

Federal or local governments empower their services through real, practical and effective IoT applications in the context of smart cities. They have a considerable stake in creating efficiency using mass data collected from connected devices and the infrastructure on which to employ them. Designing secure and responsive touch-points between themselves and citizens creates trust and public engagement. Realization of these public-centric projects, however, requires strict management of the Identity of Things (IDoT) in human-to-device, device-to-device, and/or device-to-service/system, and securing interactions across users, devices, APIs, applications, services, and integrations through all product life-cycle phases. PlusAuth provides an efficient and easy IDoT management solution including cross-domain identity management and covering virtually all identity and access management needs of internet of people and internet of devices.

Ease and Secure Citizen Access
Let your citizens easily access all of your public services they are eligible for by Single Sign-On, and feel safer with Multi-Factor Authentication.
Bring Deployment Flexibility
Take advantage of centralized identity management to quickly deploy and manage your new, scalable applications and services on the cloud or mobile platforms.
Scale As You Grow
Feel confident to achieve high scalability in taking up the challenge for ever-mounting volume of users, devices, services and critical data by a booster inherently supporting scalability.
Support Privacy
Let FinTech and InsurTech firms consume your trustworthy APIs built on financial security standards and remove technical barriers for collaboration towards new business opportunities.
Reduce IT Costs
Instead of being consumed away mentally and financially in searching for or adopting new identity solutions which would shortly fall behind time, reduce your costs with a unified, self-renewing identity solution.
Improve Service Quality
Build an omnichannel citizen identity management to unify your fragmented digital services that store and manage citizen data on silos unaware of each other for efficient, secure, and compliant public services.