Nothing More, Nothing Less

PlusAuth Authorization Platform ensures that the right users can access the right resources they need at the right time, at the application level as well as API and the URL levels via its centralized policy engine providing management options for access rights and privileges under the hood.

Secure Access Empowered
Dynamic, Compliant, Continuous
PlusAuth: Access Mastery
Enforce, Adapt, Comply, Secure
API Access Security

Continuous and Adaptive

Defining access control rules that determine which identities, group memberships, identity attributes and roles are required to access specific API resources underpins API access security. Enforcing such strict access control policies across your application continuously, regardless of the environment, is made simple by PlusAuth Authorization Platform that provides a dynamic enforcement model considering appropriate permissions, user and device context at all levels with full OpenID Connect compliance delivered via OAuth 2.0 flows.

Contextual Authorization Policies

Making the Scene Clear

Modern applications require proficient identity and access management infrastructures which act intelligently upon contextual information. PlusAuth Authorization Platform builds situational awareness on the environment in which access is requested. Identity of the user, authentication level, IP address, session attributes, role or group memberships, etc. all contribute to the formation of the context, and enable application of your contextual authorization policies, managed on a single console, to allow access to sensitive resources.

Access Mastery Hub
Profound, Intelligent, Adaptive
Context Guardian
Situational Awareness, Smart Policies
Flexible Control Mastery
PlusAuth: Access Freedom
Custom Strategies, Flexible Policies

In-Depth Rights Management

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) are two ways of controlling the authentication process and authorizing users, if Group-Based Access Control (GBAC) is considered a rough equivalent of RBAC. ABAC has a much greater number of possible control variables than RBAC, such as user attributes, environmental attributes, and resource attributes. You can implement your own access control strategies together with flexible authorization policies on PlusAuth Authorization Platform.

Centralized Session Management

Nourished by Continuous Token Validation

Continuous token validation plays a major role in reducing security risks, especially man-in-the-middle attacks. However, access management must go hand-in-hand with authentication to establish a stringent security barrier. PlusAuth Authorization Platform abstracts sessions from applications and APIs and interacts with PlusAuth Authentication Platform to validate user’s authentication token in configurable predetermined time intervals. In case there happens to be a change in the user context, session-wise actions can be configured, like termination of all application sessions upon logging out an application, or disabling multiple logins of the same user to the same application, hence ruling out possible errors and security breaches.

Secure Continuity Shield
Token Validation, Session Abstraction, Authentication
PlusAuth: Dynamic Security
Configurable Sessions, Context-Driven Actions