Advanced Administration With Just One Click

Creation and management of user profiles is not an inextricable task any more with PlusAuth. Simple and user friendly Admin Dashboard and robust Management APIs help administrators centrally manage user profiles with a wide spectrum of high-performance functionalities ranging from searching, resetting passwords, assigning rights, to creating and provisioning, blocking, editing, migrating and deleting users.

Profile Unity Hub
Centralized, Flexible, User Management
Profile Harmony
Standard Structure, Admin Dashboard, Unified Information
User Profiles

Natural Outcome of Multi-Tenancy

User profiles lie at the heart of modern applications for enabling the users to access the applications of a tenant. PusAuth stores user profiles, composed of information such as name, employee number, picture, contact information, etc. per tenant in a hosted, if not setup on-premise, cloud database. User information forming profiles may come from a variety of sources such as identity providers, custom databases or services, or enterprise connections. PlusAuth makes it easy to unify these user profile information into a single standard structure while enabling you to create, search, view, modify, and delete users via the Admin Dashboard and the Management APIs.

User Metadata

Ensouling Identities in the Digital Era

Storing and processing specific user information according to your business needs revives your applications and services. PlusAuth allows storage of user information that does not originate from profile resources, or that overrides what is provided by these resources. These may also include hobbies, interests, or meal preferences of the user. In addition to such custom data, application specific information such as permissions specific to the user itself, user devices, or external user account identity information need to be stored for proper and secure user access. All such data unrelated to the authentication of the user is stored by PlusAuth in the form of user metadata.

Custom Data Enclave
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PlusAuth: Metadata Vault
Custom Fields, Secure Storage, Application-Specific Data
High Speed Services
Very fast performance.
Secure payments
All payments are 3D secured.
Storing, Searching & Viewing

No Matter How Bigger Search Space Gets

As customer data breaches and unauthorized leaks continue to grow, customers would like to know over how their data is used and shared. Meanwhile, data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PSD2 and CDR enforce more fine-grained data authorization and protection through consent management. PlusAuth Authentication Platform comes with compliance-ready components enabling customer consent management to share customer data with your partners or restrict their access to it.

User Migration

At Large Scale, Though Smoothly

Migration of users from an existing user store turns up to be the main barrier in most of the digital transformation processes. Shadowed, but annoying part of user profile migration pops-up when it comes to importing user credentials appropriately since it may raise vulnerability issues in security. PlusAuth helps seamlessly migration of user profiles, including credentials from existing user stores, via live migration or JIT methods. In addition to manual confirmations, policies formed up with matching rules enables automatic and selective user import from external resources, easing user creation and saving time.

Data Consent Guardian
Compliance-Ready, Fine-Grained, Customer Data
Consent Shield
Regulatory Compliance, Partner Sharing, Data Protection
Secure Redirection Shield
Validation, Controlled Access, PlusAuth
PlusAuth: Redirect Guardian
Native Apps, Secure Handling, Developer Registration
User Redirection

Absolute Must for Secure Access

When a user is successfully authorized for an application, the user must be redirected to the application, either with an authorization code or access token in the URL. These redirect URLs contain security sensitive information, and hence the user should not be directed to arbitrary locations. PlusAuth validates redirect URLs during their registration by developers. Developers can register one or more redirect URLs when creating an application. Since native applications are clients installed on mobile or desktop devices, application claimed URLs or custom URL schemes need to be used. Handling of redirect URLs for mobile and desktop applications is provided by PlusAuth out of the box.