The Best Way to Stand Out

To empower your branding, user trust and loyalty, PlusAuth brings flexible out-of-the-box customization and configuration options for the look and feel of your user interfaces in self-registration, login, and password reset flows in your mobile and web applications to match that of your esteemed brand. You can not only customize UX look and feel of your pages, but also your sms and emails to align with your organization’s brand requirements and user expectations. PlusAuth custom domains feature, on the other hand, provides consistent user experience by keeping users on your domain, giving them high confidence in working with a official, secure and trusted service provider.

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Revive the Soul of Your Business

Businesses understanding their customers best and deliver personalized, engaging, and highly relevant experiences achieve the highest degree of brand loyalty and trust. Branding is the soul of your company, giving value to your business in terms of loyalty and trust while providing your users with a more consistent user experience. PlusAuth allows you change the look and feel of your user interfaces in self-registration, login, and password reset flows. You can design and publish your mobile and web application interfaces with your logo and brand colors with minimal effort. Nor is this all; You can enrich email and sms notifications in the same way via rich customization and configuration options.

Core Features_Custom Domains

Custom Domains

From A to Z, It is Your Business

Your domain is the unique branding element of your business, probably memorized or bookmarked by many of your users. And it is your natural right to keep your users on your domain while they are authenticated and authorized on PlusAuth’s domain. This gives them the feel of using your official IT systems, hence building complete trust on your services. PlusAuth allows you to map the domain of your tenant to a custom domain that you have officially own. In this way, your users can use, see and remain on your domain instead of that of PlusAuth.

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Custom Emails & Sms

Gateway Between Security and Trust

Emails and sms are handy methods to keep your users’ accounts safe and seamlessly provide relevant information during their entire journey. On the other hand, customized emails and sms help increase user trust in brand communication and raise awareness at the same time by including the brand name, logo, description, link preview, and verification of each message – enhancing the customer experience for all types of communication. PlusAuth has out-of-the box support for sending event-triggered sms message notifications and emails to administrators and users, thanks to the flexible and enhanced customization features meticulously tailored to meet your needs.

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