Call The Shots By Making No Concessions

Since there is a variety of sources where risks stem from, continuous and comprehensive monitoring your data and systems is the key for keeping your organization and customers safe. That is what a professional IAM solution should provide. PlusAuth, equipped with intelligent analytics tools, allows you to continuously monitor and audit your privileged access accounts and their activity as well as the health of your system, and get informed just in time.

Real-Time Insight Hub
Anomaly Detection, Alerts, Mitigate Risks
PlusAuth: Visibility Guardian
Monitoring Dashboard, Metrics Display, Security Response
Live Monitoring

Always Keep Your Eyes On

PlusAuth’s real-time Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard lets you dive into your system, but with a clear eye, to detect anomalies, get alerted about critical issues, and hence mitigate the risk of breaches and system failures. Automatically collected metrics and statistics are visually displayed on the dashboard to provide full support to your administrative and security team members. Your teams can perform searches, look up past activity, and then act accordingly. The Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard is ready at any time to enforce visibility, detection, and response.


Always Informed On Time

Periodical audits and real-time monitoring dashboards are helpful methods and tools for controlling all the data and activity associated with user accounts, health of the system, or possible security threats. However, they fall behind during the times they are not performed or used. PlusAuth is powered by a sophisticated analytics engine under the hood, running all the time and providing valuable insights which are turned into the forms of alerts when potentially there are some issues that need to be resolved before it is too late. In addition to automatic data breach alerts, your can design customer alerts for specific events to notify your security team members via customized emails or sms.

Continuous Vigilance Engine
Analytics-Powered, Real-Time Alerts, Proactive Insights
Insightful Safeguard
Automatic Alerts, Customized Notifications, Security Resilience
Dynamic Reporting Hub
Extensive Capabilities, Summarized and In-Depth Reports
PlusAuth: Insight Delivery
Built-In and Custom Templates, Visual Elements, Scheduled Delivery

Always Be Accountable

PlusAuth provides extensive reporting capabilities to keep your teams, managers, or partners posted with summarized reports as well as in-depth analysis reports, whenever or however it fits. You can either use built-in report templates or create customized report templates enriched with visual elements for your own business needs. Based on these report templates, you can get instant reports over the Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard or schedule reports that will be formed dynamically at a specific date and time, possibly periodically, and sent to the addressees by email without worrying about giving a miss.

Audit Logs

Always Trace Goings-On

Audit logs are valuable resources for administrators and auditors who want to examine suspicious activity or diagnose and troubleshoot issues. They can assist with monitoring data, events and systems for any possible security breaches or vulnerabilities, and with rooting out internal data misuse. Hence, they can serve as evidence, and critical for proving compliance with common regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS to protect your business from major fines and penalties. PlusAuth comes up with strongly encrypted audit log capabilities certainly fitting the bill.

Secure Audit Archive
Valuable Resources, Troubleshoot Issues, Compliance Assurance
PlusAuth: Encrypted Logs
HIPAA, PCI DSS Compliance, Security Monitoring, Evidence Protection
Cloud Dynamics Monitor
Microservices, Container Workloads, Prometheus Integration
Metrics Harmony
Graphana Support, Native Prometheus, Timely Action Triggers

With Industry Standards

In a dynamic cloud environment with a large number of microservices and container workloads running, applications generate a huge amount of data, creating a challenge from a monitoring viewpoint. System health indicators of PlusAuth clusters can be collected and monitored by integration with Prometheus, an industry standard due to its easy-to-customize nature and capability to produce metrics without impacting application performance while Graphana, with its native Prometheus support, enables querying several datastores, visualization, sending alerts, and understanding the metrics to trigger your teams to take timely actions.