Configurable Yet Secure

PlusAuth Authentication Platform provides the utmost control, superior security and flexibility required to meet the security and usability requirements for your diverse population of identities ranging from your customers and partners to your employees.

Seamless Security Sync
Efficient, Secure, Unified Access
PlusAuth: Access Amplified
Simplified Security, Enhanced Efficiency
Single Sign-On

More Security with Less Effort

When a user provides its credentials and logs in to one application or service, then it is automatically signed in to all other applications it has been granted access to. Single Sign-On (SSO) can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in user time while increasing user efficiency without compromising security with the help of strong Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities. Simply configure PlusAuth Authentication Platform to enable seamless access across your applications and services for your users.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Identity Security Boosted

In order to prevent unauthorized access, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds another factor to the authentication process. You can integrate MFA through SMS, automated phone calls, email, security questions, and authenticator apps, or a combination of them across all users and applications, or just let your users choose it based on their personal preferences. PlusAuth Authentication Platform offers highly customizable workflows for MFA ranging from SMS and email templates to configurable expiration times, depending on your business needs.

AuthGuard: Your Shield
Customizable MFA Protection
PlusAuth: Secure Choices
Tailored MFA Solutions
ConsentSafe: Trust Assured
GDPR-Ready Data Protection
PlusAuth: Secure Share
Compliance-Driven Consent Management
Privacy & Consent Management

Sine Qua Non - Without which not.

As customer data breaches and unauthorized leaks continue to grow, customers would like to know over how their data is used and shared. Meanwhile, data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PSD2 and CDR enforce more fine-grained data authorization and protection through consent management. PlusAuth Authentication Platform comes with compliance-ready components enabling customer consent management to share customer data with your partners or restrict their access to it.

Social Login

Easy Sign-Up with Social Login

The vast majority of users report being bothered by creating accounts for websites and applications. Registration process generally requires users to fill a form and verify their e-mail address. This quickly becomes a hassle for users while some users would rather refuse to use the service instead of creating a user account. PlusAuth Authentication Platform offers integration with an assorted social ID providers, and lets you fully customize look and feel of your Social Login interfaces, and access to your users’ up-to-date social profile data composed of rich sets of attributes after their consents.

Swift Social Access
Frictionless Registration Revolution
Social Seamlessness
Personalized Profiles, Instant Access
Empower, Not Entrap
Self-Service Simplicity, Securely
User Empower
Trust, Loyalty, Productivity
Secure Self-Service

Empower Your Users

Today’s modern users, whether they are your workforce, partners or customers, do not prefer to knock the door of IT departments or help desks to change or reset passwords, make profile updates, resolve account lock-outs, or enrol their devices. Giving users the ability to perform these actions out-of-the-box on their own not only ramps up their productivity and saves your corporate resources, but also increases their trust and loyalty. You can give up self-registration, password changes and resets, profile updates, account lock-out resolutions, and device enrolments to your users without sacrificing security.