More Flexibility For Your Business Needs

Creation and management of user profiles is not an inextricable task any more with PlusAuth. Simple and user-friendly Admin Dashboard and robust Management APIs help administrators centrally manage user profiles with a wide spectrum of high-performance functionalities ranging from searching, resetting passwords, assigning rights, to creating and provisioning, blocking, editing, migrating and deleting users.

Real-Time Insights Relay
Webhooks, Timely Actions, Core Architecture
PlusAuth: Event Notifier
Efficient Real-Time Communication, Developer-Friendly, Custom Webhooks
Full-Fledge Webhooks

Always Keep Informed

Developers would certainly like to know what happens on the PlusAuth Platform in order to take timely actions. Being one of the core architectural elements, Webhooks provide your applications with real-time information when events occur within PlusAuth, unlike typical APIs where you would need to poll for data very frequently in order to get it real-time. Webhooks are much more efficient for both the provider and the consumer. Your developers and integrators can readily develop their own Webhooks to handle an assorted set of events stemming from the PlusAuth Platform.


Either on Cloud or On-Prem

Multi-tenancy enables single instance of a software and its supporting infrastructure to serve multiple users. The instances (tenants) are logically isolated, but physically integrated. One of the most challenging issues when developing a multi-tenant application is to manage user identities since every user belongs to a tenant. You should deal with issues arising form users signing in with their organizational credentials, having access to their organization’s data, but not data that belongs to other tenants, or organizations signing up for the application and then assigning application roles to its members, etc. PlusAuth provides a multi-tenant IAM platform that is protocol independent, optimized, OS-agnostic and scalable, and tailored for your multi-tenant application developments without being in need of dealing with such hassles.

Seamless Multi-Tenant IAM
User Identity Management, Protocol-Independent, Scalable Platform
Multi-Tenant Harmony
Optimized, OS-Agnostic, Hassle-Free Development
Globalized User Journeys
Multi-Language Support, Integrated Experience, Corporate Strategy
Language Freedom
Customized SMS and Emails, Admin Dashboard Support, Seamless Integration

Always Speaking the Same Language

Are you developing an application with multi-language support, or an application merely in Russian, or Arabic, or Chinese? PlusAuth gives you the freedom and flexibility of developing your self-registration, login and password reset pages to make your applications usable by a variety of customers with a seamlessly integrated experience. Likewise, your customized sms and emails will be enhancing your relations with your customers as a part of your corporate strategy, no matter which language they speak or where they are. Multi-language support in PlusAuth Admin Dashboard also appeals to a wide range of administrator profiles.