Towards a Superior Level of Healthcare

By Fast, Appropriate and Secure Access to PII and ePHI


Health industry nowadays experiences more data breaches than any other sector and the average cost of a data breach incurred by a healthcare agency turns out to be much more higher. Healthcare providers are required to protect patient health records using proper electronic safeguards to ensure the safety of health information and prevent hacking incidents, accidental disclosures, lost or stolen devices, or unauthorized internal and external access while strictly meeting regulatory demands and demonstrating compliance. The PlusAuth platform enhances security of Personally identifiable information (PII) and Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), improves patient and member experience, and helps in compliance with relevant regulations.

Build Single Consistent Patient Profile

By Single Source Secure Identity Management

A patient’s medical journey starts with registration process, and its medical history builds up over time by data collected from various digital sources such as health services, wearables, electronic measurement systems, and apps. Building a single, consistent digital patient record not only enables profound and timely patient follow-up, but also access control to patient information and access tracking clearly revealing answers for how, where, when and whom questions. Centralized contemporary and advanced authentication and access control options of the PlusAuth identity management platform respects patient privacy and provides traceable continual security by delivering high-quality experiences to patients and healthcare personnel without putting their data at risk.

Address Regulatory Concerns

With Less Effort and Apprehension

Data privacy concerns are particularly paramount for companies especially in the financial and healthcare sectors and achieving data privacy compliance with regional and country-specific regulations can be very challenging. On the other hand, it should always be kept in mind that compliance does not equal security. To keep a digital environment completely and continuously protected from the criminals targeting medical data, healthcare organizations must build and manage an advanced security program that goes far beyond specific sets of compliance requirements. Plusauth helps healthcare organizations protect sensitive information from threats by controlling how and by whom patient information is used, consumed and provided, and leverage organization-specific security programs to meet specific security and privacy standards as laid out by regulatory organizations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Connect and Care

By IoT Identity and Security Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a world of possibilities in healthcare. When connected to the internet, ordinary medical devices can collect invaluable additional data, give extra insight into symptoms and trends, enable remote care, and provide more effective treatments and cost savings. However, one of the most significant threats that IoT poses is of data security and privacy. IoT devices capture and transmit data in real-time. The key for benefiting from these opportunities while avoiding adverse effects is to manage the Identity of Things (IDoT) and their complex relationships in human-to-device, device-to-device, and/or device-to-service/system, secure patient data at rest and in transit, and let these devices safely and securely consume APIs and services, which is made possible with the PlusAuth platform.

Reform Patient, Member and Staff Experience

With Centralized Security

All parties of a digital platform, including patients and members of a health organization, long for secure, seamless, and frictionless access experience. On the other side, IT teams find themselves supporting and maintaining ever-growing number of technologies that are put into use as quick fix solutions to solve instantly arising problems. Furthermore, healthcare specialists and staff start coping with more passwords and security precautions heading their core duties off. Centralized identity management and reporting solution of PlusAuth enables creation, management and security of identities of all parties, provide scoped and secure user access to health information and relevant services, leveraged by advanced security and privacy components such as multi-factor authentication, session-based security tokens, consent functionalities, end-to-end encryption, and push notifications.

Improve Experience of All Parties
Offer your patients, members and staff secure access over web and mobile platforms to unified health profile and relevant services, leveraged by advanced security and privacy components.
Urge IoT for Better Care
Avoid data security and privacy threats posed by IoT devices to enable remote care, and provide more effective treatments and cost savings while securing patient data at rest and in transit.
Stay Compliant
Meet specific security and privacy standards as laid out by regulatory organizations such as HIPAA and GDPR and easily maintain compliance with the help of the CIAM features built on open standards.
Disburden IT Teams
Let your IT teams focus on the delivery of first-class digital health services to all parties rather than being caught up in IAM management, hence saving time and effort.
Bring Consistency, Speed and Efficiency
Bolster up your workflow efficiency and enhance IT security from initial on-boarding and provisioning to off-boarding and de-provisioning when an identity is no longer part of your organization.
Accelerate InsurTech Collaborations
Let InsurTech firms consume your trustworthy APIs to analyze unified patient health information and provide quality, affordable coverage for your members and patients.