PlusAuth now supports e-Devlet login

PlusAuth now supports e-Devlet login

In the digital world, secure and seamless user authentication has become more important than ever before. Plusauth offers a secure and speedy login experience tailored for e-Government users, making your applications more accessible.

Quick and Easy Access with e-Government Authentication:

Plusauth allows your users to access your applications using their e-Government credentials. This eliminates the need for users to remember additional passwords or usernames, providing hassle-free access to your application. E-Government is a trusted source of identity verification used by many citizens in Turkey, and Plusauth securely manages these identity details.

Security and Monitoring:

Plusauth prioritizes security during user identity verification. With strong authentication methods and security measures to protect your data, it ensures the safety of your users’ information. Additionally, it tracks login attempts and provides analytical data to detect abnormal activities.

Personalized Experience:

Plusauth enables you to personalize the user experience. You can define login methods according to your users’ preferences, manage profile information, and more.

Easy Integration:

Plusauth can be easily integrated into your existing applications. Its API support allows for a quick start, and developer-friendly documentation and support teams ensure a smooth integration process.


Plusauth streamlines the login process for e-Government users, making it simple, secure, and seamless, ultimately enhancing your application’s appeal and user-friendliness. With robust security measures and customization options, Plusauth helps you better protect your digital assets and serve your users more effectively.

Discover Plusauth and start offering your users a better login experience. For more information and to try our product, please contact us.

Savaş Ayık
Savaş Ayık
Software Development Manager @ Ekinoks Software Ltd.

Throughout my extensive 26-year experience in software development, I have particularly developed deep expertise in GoLang and Microservices. During this time, I played significant roles in the design and implementation of high-performance and scalable systems. My enthusiasm for continuously adapting to innovative technologies and enhancing my existing skills has led me to opportunities in leading and mentoring teams. I place great value on effective teamwork and collaboration in achieving goals and eagerly look forward to contributing valuable insights to your software development projects.

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