Having Great Success in Retail Business

Possible With Rich & Secure Shopping Experiences


A large number of consumers of our era feel that companies aren’t delivering the best shopping experiences possible, emphasizing focus on improving their experiences, not just meeting expectations. Rich, engaging content with personalized offers, friction-free registration, login and authentication process that supports a true omni-channel experience, regardless of the platform, whether mobile, web or in-store, while addressing regulations, security and privacy concerns of both customers and employees, provides the groundwork for establishing dream shopping experience, which is made possible by comprehensive features of the PlusAuth CIAM platform.

Create Omni-Channel Experience

And Accelerate Customer Engagement

Today’s modern customers show the aversion to filling in member registration forms or even logging into the shopping platforms they are already registered in. A sluggish user experience have a devastating impact on customer conversion rates. Hence, simple and fast registration mechanisms and unified customer profiles across all digital channels turn out to be the key in converting browsers to registered buyers. Social Login and Single Sign-On capabilities of the PlusAuth platform reduces registration and transaction friction, boost memberships, and increase customer loyalty while enabling innovative experiences driving customer engagement, both in-store and online. Having unified customer profiles created and kept up-to-date through consolidation of the identity data, user devices, and connected things together with the demographics, interests and behaviors makes it easy to personalize and protect customer services across all business and marketing channels.

Protect Brand Reputation and Build Trust

With Cutting-Edge Security and Privacy

Ensuring and protecting customer and business partner data and privacy is sine qua non for building the brand trust and guarding brand reputation. Retailer companies need to update their identity management infrastructure to verify and manage identities of their customers, business partner, employees and their devices, and safeguard data at rest and in transit in an increasingly stringent data privacy regulatory environment . On the other hand, eCommerce companies need to secure financial transactions of their customers in online purchasing processes. This is where the PlusAuth CIAM platform comes in as a neat solution with its authentication, access and consent management, and data governance features. PlusAuth helps comply with regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and provides robust authentication and authorization technology with decoupled flows for online financial services through the Financial-grade API (FAPI), Financial-grade API Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication Profile (FAPI-CIBA), and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

Increase Workforce Efficiency

And Save On Time, Energy, Resource and Money

Implementing the concepts, processes, and technologies needed to collect, manage, and utilize digital identities, and customer and business partner data, force companies to choose between between in-house development and purchasing a dedicated CIAM solution. The PlusAuth platform comes with easy-to-integrate capabilities of a modern at-prem or cloud CIAM to share resources, provide high scalability, and enable multi-region fail-over and disaster recovery in compliance with guaranteed SLAs and security certifications that are frequently hard to match with in-house developments. PlusAuth addresses the critical need to secure customer and business data across public networks, as well as enable retailers to comply with varied and frequently changing privacy regulations. By providing a single self-service platform for customers to manage their accounts, it also reduces help desk burden, hence improving productivity and engagement of the workforce.

Connect and Scale Up Supply Chain Operations

By Managing the Identity of Things

The convergence of IoT, AI and Blockchain, when integrated with more traditional supply chain management systems and business network practices, powers new levels of innovation and efficiency. While this digital transformation enables growth through an extended digital ecosystem that unites employees, trading partners, systems and things, it must be ensured that only the right people, systems and things have secure access to the right data at the right time—and only as long as they need it. Proper management of digital identities of persons and non-persons turns out to be the key pillar in leveraging IoT in the supply chain along with intelligent capabilities and an optimized platform. The PlusAuth IAM features help retailers stay ahead and reach the next generation of digital transformation by efficient management of digital identities assigned to hundreds of millions of connected devices and things like wearables, smart tags, smart shopping carts, sensors, beacons and whatever is coming next.

Get the Most Out of Customer Data
Provide your customers relevant and engaging personalized shopping offers, and supply the data your business units need to maximize your business opportunities and revenue.
Drive Customer Experience
Establish unified commerce over one digital customer identity across all your channels and brands to deliver a rich experience and deepen customer engagement at every interaction.
Build and Preserve Trust
Build trusted relationships and guard your brand reputation by providing secure digital services, and protecting your customer and partner data, in rest and in transit.
Increase Conversion Rate
Don’t keep your visitors waiting, boost conversion rates of your browsers to registered buyers by delivering digital personalized experiences via simple and fast registration mechanisms.
Connect Anytime, Anywhere
Let not only your customers and employees but also services, apps and IoT devices consume your digital services with confidence from anywhere and anytime.
Stay Compliant
Benefit from CIAM compliance capabilities to stay on top of the existing regulations like GDPR, CCCA and PCI, and the ones that will emerge in the future.