Boosting Subscriber Revenue

By Targeting Users with High Relevancy


With the hope of attracting more eyeballs, publishers across the web are increasing their ad inventory and forgoing reader registration in expense of losing their ability to compete beyond price. Those publishers and media brands that provide satisfying, relevant, and engaging experiences to their readers can increase their subscriber revenue, click through rates, and cost per miles. PlusAuth offers media and publishers a real-time identity management, security, and activation platform to target users with highly relevant content and placements, attracting and retaining viewers, increasing subscriptions, and growing advertising revenue.

Engage Audience and Retain Loyalty

Through Improved User Experience

Audience today benefit from online media content available on a wide range of formats across multiple platforms. However, they have the aversion to filling in registration forms, and even logging into the platforms they are currently registered in. A sluggish user experience have a devastating impact on conversion rates. Hence, simple and fast registration mechanisms turn out to be the key in converting visitors to digital subscribers. The PlusAuth CIAM platform help media and publishers drive registrations by giving subscribers the option to sign in using Social Login and Single Sign-On, which simplifies the authentication process, boost subscriptions, improve audience experiences, and increase customer loyalty. Single verified identities together with customer preference management enable subscribers to navigate seamlessly across domains and consume content across any viewer platform, whether web or mobile.

Increase Top Line Growth

Via 360° View of Digital Subscriber

Having a centralized identity management over audience identity data opens up an opportunity to unify demographic data, first-party data gathered from social logins, and behavioral and personal preference insights. This, in turn, enables publishers and media brands to deliver more personalized experiences to their viewers based on their demographics, interests and behaviors while guiding advertisers towards defined target audiences for more relevant and timely ad placements. Enriching audience interactions with digital properties through tailor-made recommendations and relevant ad placements, and achieving higher customer retention carry media and publishing business a step forward, shooting ahead of conventional capabilities, and maximizing their revenues.

Guard Brand Reputation

By Becoming a Trusted Identity Provider

Building brand trust on the subscribers and the business partners is a sine qua non of success for any company. Comprehensive authentication, access management, and data governance features of a modern identity and access management system lie at the root of engendering and guarding brand reputation. CIAM solutions not only concentrate on external users, those users who generate revenue for the company, but also the company workforce. The PlusAuth IAM platform, by protecting subscriber data and safeguarding financial transactions such as subscription fee payments, reduces risk with strict data management, scoped access controls and preventive fraudulent access mechanisms, and ensures superior performance and up-time of applications and highly interactive digital content.

Know Your Audience
Create an omni-channel customer experience enabling deep insight into when and how your customers want your content and services.
Suggest Relevant Content
Knowing your subscribers better, provide them satisfying, relevant, and engaging personalized content, increasing customer retention.
Always Monetize Content
Provide advertisers with the right targeted audiences for more relevant ad placements to boost ad revenue.
Increase Conversion Rate
Don’t keep your visitors waiting, boost conversion rates of your visitors to registered customers by delivering digital personalized experiences.
Secure Your Business
Protect your subscriber and partner data, hence your business, in rest and in transit with built-in privacy, encryption and transaction security capabilities.
Outsource to Reduce Costs
Outsource the management of identity and authorization information to focus on core business goals, marketing strategies, and optimization of resources.