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The Internet of Things (IoT) provides a way to connect devices wirelessly to a network and transfer data without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. In today’s tech world, unprecedented growth in the number of connected devices impacts security, cost, and identity at large since traditional authentication systems solely consider human identities, whereas IoT devices and objects use unique identifiers. The PlusAuth IAM helps identify devices, while managing user access to data, and thus safeguarding against breaches and malicious activities in a secure, but cost efficient way.

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Managing Identity of Things

A modern IAM solution should be able to manage the Identity of Things (IDoT) in human-to-device, device-to-device, and/or device-to-service/system. What is more challenging is to manage the single and overlapping identities coming from an IoT made up of an multiple number of domains. PlusAuth provides an efficient and easy to use IDoT management solution including cross-domain identity management and covering virtually all identity and access management needs of internet of people and internet of devices.

Block Off Virtual Eavesdropping

Most IoT devices are linked to virtual personal assistants which are, by their very nature, listening and collecting information. This creates non-negligible eavesdropping potential, leaving personal data like identity, location and behavior of a user especially vulnerable to hackers or spies. The PlusAuth IAM provides strong barriers such as end-to-end encryption to protect data at endpoints, and adaptive authentication and data access hindering virtual eavesdropping in your IoT ecosystem.

Reinventing the Wheel

Not many of those interlinked IoT devices come with a password management system strong enough to shield data at a corporate level. Default passwords or easy-to-guess username/password pairs left to user control, etc. all pose high security risks. Through the PlusAuth platform, you can create a flexible identity life cycle for your IoT devices from secure registering to a well-defined authentication and authorization process for connected devices to set up security safeguards.

Rapid Development and Deployment

Different types of apps and services are required to be developed for different IoT devices with different security components. Rapid development, testing and deployment of new solutions easily and securely is critical for launching your product timely into the IoT market. PlusAuth’s wide range of ready-to-use, easy-to-implement and plug-and-play components and tools clear your way in securing interactions across users, devices, IoT, APIs, applications, services, and integrations through all product life-cycle phases.
End-to-End Encryption

Getting Ready for The Future of IoT

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Integrate Emerging Technologies

Smart cars, home hubs, thermostats, lighting systems, and even coffee makers collect unimaginable amounts of data on user habits and patterns of usage. Companies are inundated with such data and are looking to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help manage the devices as well as gain more insight and intelligence and specifically Machine Learning (ML) to build devices that adjust themselves according to user preferences. The PlusAuth platform helps you integrate new and emerging technologies easily into your authentication and data authorization flows.

Cope With Prolific Regulations

The increased scale for device connectivity and interconnectivity is just one of the reasons that security and privacy concerns are rising. Today, governments are contemplating regulatory activities enforcing country-specific requirements for IoT device manufacturers, yielding in regulatory fragmentation. Meeting this myriad of requirements requires key security capabilities on which enterprises can design purpose-built solutions. PlusAuth provides a chain of such capabilities ranging from fully-equipped user preference and consent management to compliance with security and privacy initiatives.

Make for Smarter Technologies

Opening up new business opportunities in IoT, portable and wearable technologies require reliable, seamless and secure connectivity and data transmission. Efficacious light-weight security policies need to be put forward for Wearable IoT (WIoT) devices with resource and performance constraints. With its mature light-weight security schemes that include both light-weight cryptographic algorithms and security protocols, PlusAuth provides a unique environment to develop secure applications with ease and confidence.

Get Ready for 5G IoT Security

As more 5G IoT devices connect directly to the 5G network than via a Wi-Fi router, those devices will be more vulnerable to direct attack. Not only home users but those taking advantage of 5G for IoT-fueled automation in their industrial environments will have difficulty in controlling them. PlusAuth supplements cohesive visibility in 5G IoT security across the network to identify the threats targeting the control-plane, user-plane, endpoints and service or application infrastructure.
5G IoT Security
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