Relieve Your Business Partners

Through an Enterprise Level B2B Identity Management


In today’s digitally transformed world, security is a key concern when it comes to B2B communication. Insufficient B2B security can lead to loss of confidential information about your partners and their business as well as customers of both parties — their personal files, bank account details, payment information, etc. and cost of a corporate data breach goes far beyond losing money. Having a well-established security infrastructure will always keep you ahead of the competition, increase confidence and trusted collaboration with your business partners by maintaining authenticity, confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation.

Business Partner Organizational Identity

means seamless authentication in multiple applications

Enterprise Federation Enabled

Let your partner organizations experience a seamless authentication, and access your applications or services hosted on diverse third-party platforms with a single login. Enterprise federation enables connection via the most popular SSO protocols such as OAuth 2.0, SAML, JWT and more.

Central Point of Authorization

Ensure the right level of identity and data security by managing partner accounts at various levels of authorization for a diverse range of partner IAM requirements in a simplified way. For different types of your business partners, define multiple authorization roles and access rights to grant secure access to resources using methods based-on international standards.

Authenticate Partner Employees

Allow your partner employees to authenticate in your multiple applications with their own business identities so that they internalize real B2B partnership with your organization and identity management is made easy for your partner organizations.

Self-Service Registration

Instead of centralized administration, provide self-service registration and identity management capabilities to your partners. Make provisioning a new partner quite easy over a diverse set of profiles, preferences and access credentials for access to applications and services under your control.

Single Sign-On
Multi-Factor Authentication
Self-Service Identity Management
Centralized Management

Security and Privacy of Your Partners

assured and made easy over diverse ranges of IAM capabilities

Security Compliance

PlusAuth employs industry-standard security best practices to deliver the utmost security compliance for you and your partners. OpenID Connect Financial-grade API (FAPI) and Financial-grade API Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (FAPI-CIBA), for example, enable high-security API access, suitable for accessing financial data and facilitating financial transactions.

Zero-Trust Security Policy

The PlusAuth platform provides you all mechanisms to ensure zero-trust policy: a variety of encryption methods at rest as well as in transit, centralized provisioning and deprovisioning of users and services, detailed audit logs for activities on your applications, multi-factor authentication, anomaly detection, brute force detection and many more.

Data Privacy Compliance

Government regulations address security and privacy together. As well as laying down directives to safeguard IT systems and their data from cyber attacks, regulations allocate responsibilities to companies on avoiding accidental breaches. PlusAuth protects your and your partners’data with its built-in privacy capabilities such as consent management and compliance features for GDPR, HIPAA and COPPA to increase your business opportunities while reducing risks.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premise

It is up to your security strategy to host in your own private cloud or premise, or in the PlusAuth’s cloud to free up your resources. Just decide where and how you would like to store identity and profile. In all deployment platforms, you receive a high-performance IAM solution to better serve your business partners, customers and employees.
OAuth 2.0
Legal Compliance
ublic or Private Cloud
Zero-Trust Security